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About Me

I'm a writer, editor, and educator who empowers writers to deepen their ideas and elevate their words.

I offer editorial clients honest perspective, challenging conversations, and actionable feedback on their writing projects.

I lead writing workshops for professionals and teach college writing courses at NYU-Stern School of Business and two state prisons.

My articles have been published in the New York Times, The Forward, The Millions, The Texas Observer, Guernica, and Mother Jones; short stories have appeared in literary journals.


I'm a graduate of Yale University (BA) and The New School (MFA).

To stay healthy, I run, swim, bike, play tennis, practice yoga, study Spanish, and make music.

My Story

I'm an obsessive writer, extreme reader, and lifelong seeker.

I love how words, language, and stories can connect people across time, space, and cultures.

At Yale, I majored in English and studied Japanese, including a summer in Tokyo. Playing in a band, I learned how to write pop songs and perform in public.

After graduation, I worked as a journalist in New York, San Francisco, and New Hampshire, where I learned to uncover stories, talk to strangers, and write on deadline for real-life readers.

I returned to New York for an MFA in creative writing, where I learned the art of storytelling from author-teachers and creative classmates.

Simultaneously, I became an English teacher, where I learned to engage the next generation of readers and writers, designing and teaching courses in African-American Literature, Latinx Literature, and Creative Writing, and advising the school literary magazine.

Over several summers, I studied the Transatlantic Slave Trade on an NEH fellowship at the University of Virginia; Spanish language in Buenos Aires, and fiction writing at Kenyon College.


During a belated "gap" year, I traveled the country, with stints in Austin, Texas, an artists' residency in Nebraska, and trips to a dozen states.


I returned to New York and to the classroom, teaching writing courses to college undergraduates, where I expanded my pedagogical palette to include politics and economics, as well as business, ethics, and sustainability.


Meanwhile, I continued to write, publish, and advise individual and institutional clients.


In 2020, I migrated from Brooklyn to the New York suburbs, where I began teaching creative writing courses at state prisons to incarcerated individuals pursuing college degrees.

In 2023, I want to connect with creative, ambitious people working to make the world a better place.

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