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Want to jumpstart your career and fuel personal growth?

My writing workshops teach professionals how to write with substance and style.


I have taught adult groups at New York University-Stern School of Business

and Westport Writers' Workshop. 


I'm happy to adapt any of the workshops detailed below

or design a new workshop to meet the needs of you or your group.

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Writing for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only great for professional networking.  The social media site is also a powerful tool to help you grow as a writer and connect with readers. Writing for LinkedIn is a low-stakes way to sharpen your writing and share your expertise and ideas with a sophisticated audience you won’t find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. LinkedIn posts can also lead to longer-form articles, essays–and even books.  In this workshop, students will generate and refine ideas for LinkedIn posts, then draft, revise, and publish one post. You’ll come away empowered with strategies and confidence to keep writing and posting regularly on your own. Bonus points if your post goes viral and/or you land your dream job. 

Typewriter Keys

One Story at a Time:
Writing Mini Memoir

Writing your life story may seem daunting.  Instead, why not write stories from your life? In this craft workshop, you'll brainstorm, write, and revise a series of mini-memoirs based on “small moments” in your life. Along the way, you’ll learn strategies and techniques to convey experience, incorporate insight, and uncover universal truths. You’ll leave more equipped to write about your life: one story at a time.


Line by Line:
Making Sentences Sing

Anyone can write a sentence. But how do you write a great sentence? In this craft workshop, you'll expand your creative palettes by focusing on sentences. In guided writing exercises, you'll practice a stylistic range of sentences: from minimalist to maximalist, conventional to experimental. Along the way, you’ll explore how substance, style, and syntax make some sentences sag—and others sing. Afterward, you’ll never see sentences the same way again.

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